Dairy Nutrition

Dairy Nutrition Benefits

  • Feed content analysis
  • Feed market consultation
  • On-farm nutrition guidance
  • Planned ration formulation

Lander Veterinary Clinic provides our producers with experienced on-farm nutritional consultations and feeding plans for dairy herds and individual patients in a cost-effective manner. Many dynamic factors can influence nutrient requirements and availability from feeds.

The nature of dairy farms in the Central Valley is diverse by specific operation. Analysis of protein level in feed content, feed efficiency in lactating cows, phosphorus levels and other environmental considerations can significantly affect feed costs and profitability. In addition, consultation on feed commodity markets can be beneficial to the overall planning process.

Dairy Consultations

  • Optimize milk production
  • Dairy records analysis
  • Patient nutrition formulation
  • Maximize farm profits

Dr. Michael Steine has a solid background and passion for herd nutrition formulation and planned feeding strategies. For example, the path to successful feeding of dairy cows begins with accurate mixing and delivery of rations to make sure the diet being fed is equivalent to the original diet formulation.

Dr. Steine’s added expertise in herd health management and computerized record analysis can give our dairy clients customized consultation on the most economical way to fulfill individual patient nutritional needs and herd ration goals.

Working closely with Dairy Diagnostics, Lander Veterinary Clinic’s laboratory arm, provides valuable assistance when a team environment is needed to benefit the patient.