Farm Worker Training

Training Benefits

  • Meet production and safety goals
  • On-farm or in-clinic training
  • English-Spanish presentation
  • Improve herd health

Dairy farm worker training has been identified as one of the issues of great concern among dairy producers. Here in the Central Valley, a large proportion of farm workers speak Spanish with limited English language skills. Lander Veterinary Clinic provides specialized herd health education services to farm owners with training presented in both English and Spanish.

Proper job instruction to perform routine animal handling and learning more advanced treatment protocols is critical to improving herd health, meeting production goals and human and animal safety. Training is conducted at your farm or at Lander Veterinary Clinic’s conference room in Turlock.

Customized Training

  • Calving schools
  • Treatment Protocols
  • Educational seminars
  • Management consultations

Educational services are customized to fit your farm’s unique operation and environment as well as potential language barriers. Consultation considers factors such as the number of employees, their formal education levels, experience with farm livestock or other cultural issues to achieve effective training.

Your dairy workers can attend Calving Schools which include the different stages of a normal calving, frequently encountered calving problems and proper care of both the newborn calf and cow following calving. Other topics address appropriate treatment protocols, implementing fresh cow programs and drug residue avoidance.

Several times during the year, we host large educational seminars, typically in collaboration with pharmaceutical companies focusing on topics such as mastitis, respiratory disease, lameness and vaccines use.

We provide management input on raising heifers from birth to first calving, including colostrum management, neonatal calf disease diagnosis and control, weaned calf management and heifer breeding programs. Contact us today for appointment.