Food Animal Veterinary Consultation

About Our Consulting

Food animal veterinarians wear a lot of “hats” — caring for cows, beef cattle, sheep, goats and pigs demand specialized expertise across a wide range of farm animals. Lander Veterinary Clinic’s 16 doctors and support staff play an important role in protecting food animal health, which in turn, helps maintain a safe, sustainable supply of food for people to eat.

Less than 2 percent of all veterinarians in the U.S. specialize exclusively on food animals. Our team of doctors and trained staff technicians know that relationships with our farm clients, built on trust and integrity, comprise the core foundation of our business.

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Milk Quality

Calf Health & Sanitization


Why Consult?

  • Maximize profitability
  • Best farm practices
  • Planned herd health
  • Practical solutions

Doctor-producer consultation, covering a wide scope of farm interests and concerns, can play a vital role in maximizing producer profitability and achieving best farm management practices. Investigation into common herd health issues can aid in developing the steps needed for planned herd health activities and goals.

Consultation with producers can draw upon the entire team of Lander Veterinary specialists working with departments such as our Dairy Diagnostics laboratory, Quality Milk Service and Embryo Transfer. In addition, we’re in close contact with numerous state and national disease diagnostic laboratories to help find practical solutions tailored to your specific animal herd problems.