Milk Quality

Milk Quality Benefits

  • Sustainable milk production
  • Hands-on approach
  • Herd health goals
  • Farm profitability

Lander Veterinary Clinic takes a modern, all-inclusive approach to milk production. Our veterinarians understand the need to work as partners with our dairymen to develop options that integrate all areas of herd health and productivity on the farm — focusing on whole herd goals and farm profitability.

Our veterinary team combines three essential dairy production medicine practices:

  • • An inherent background of training and experience in all aspects of animal health medicine.
  • • A hands-on approach that includes teaching, evaluating, reporting, and communicating.
  • • A thorough knowledge of the nutritional and metabolic basis of milk production.

The beneficial result to dairymen is a significant overall improvement in efficient and sustainable quality milk production.


  • Experienced veterinary team
  • Affordable customized care programs
  • Improved herd health
  • Improved quality milk production

Lander’s Dairy Diagnostics veterinary team of Dr. Kavishti Kokaram and Dr. Halley Oliveira have a true passion for the science of milk quality and they bring many years of education and dairy industry experience to ensure our Central Valley farm clients are reaching and surpassing their goals for increased milk production and greater milk quality.

Your dairy farm’s herd may need a series of health-related interventions that are completely distinct from other farms in the Central Valley area. Through personal consultation, we work to understand your operation and help create affordable customized corrective and preventive programs that are tailored and adapted to your specific needs and unique situation.

Evaluation Benefits

  • Antibiotic monitoring
  • Mastitis protocols
  • Infectious disease prevention
  • Improved cow comfort

Evaluations conducted on-site include milk and environmental culturing, discussion of culture results and farm troubleshooting to correct specific concerns such as controlling mastitis spread. Full evaluation of the milking system for quality assurance is regularly conducted, followed by identification of concerns and suggested options for meeting your production medicine needs.

Cultures are taken of bedding and towels to check for microbiological residues. Assessments of best farm management practices can be discussed through consultation with our veterinary specialists.

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Milker school instruction is also provided in Spanish.

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