Other Livestock Species

Our Services

  • Small ruminant care
  • Preventative care
  • Improve farm profitability
  • Herd health care

In addition to beef and dairy cattle, the Lander Veterinary Clinic doctors have the unique skills and techniques necessary to provide consultation, advanced care, and treatment for small ruminants such as sheep and goats. Our vet specialists also diagnose and treat South American camelids such as alpacas and llamas. Our knowledgeable veterinarians are equipped to provide effective health care on-site for pigs.

As a producer, you know the value of overall herd health regardless of species type. Preventative care, consultation, and herd health care planning are vital to improving your farm’s bottom-line profitability.

Sheep and Goats

  • Mastitis treatment
  • Pregnancy diagnosis
  • Risk management
  • Disease diagnosis/treatment

Lander Vet general services for sheep and goats include preventative care, such as producer consultations, exams, vaccinations, and foot trimming. Enhanced services include: dehorning, blood-drawing, pregnancy diagnosis using transabdominal ultrasound or blood-based BioPRYN testing and castration.

Patient assessment by our specialists is critical to: successful alleviation of dystocia, for mastitis consultation, sick animal diagnosis, treatment, and aid in managing transmissible disease risk. Certificates of Veterinary Inspections (CVI) are provided for animals in transit.


  • Experienced vet specialists
  • Alleviate dystocia
  • On-farm diagnosis/treatment
  • Health certificates

The role of veterinarians has evolved beyond mainly treating sick animals and diagnosing disease and subsequent treatment. Producers with larger, modern pig farms here in California’s Central Valley demand close consultation and building solid relationships with experienced Lander Vet specialists who understand your concerns.

Our veterinarians regularly perform on-farm tasks such as: herd health consultation, blood draws, gathering samples for lab work, and dealing with disease outbreaks. Sick pigs are thoroughly examined, diagnosed, and given specific treatment, alleviate dystocia when needed and provide Certificates of Veterinary Inspections for animals in transit.


  • Trim fighting teeth
  • Treat dystocia
  • Sick animal diagnosis
  • Pregnancy detection

Lander offers a wide range of general health care and surgical procedures for South American camelids (SACs) such as alpacas and llamas. Our specialists in veterinary medicine will consult on special problems which may require advanced diagnostic or therapeutic techniques.

A partial list of SAC services include castration, fighting teeth trimming, blood draws, treating dystocia, and the diagnosis of sick animals and their treatment. When detecting pregnancy in camelids, Lander vets may use the more accurate transabdominal ultrasound technology in place of blood progesterone testing. Certificates of Veterinary Inspections are provided for movement of camelids in transit.