Dairy Diagnostics

Dairy Diagnostics Services

  • Clinical parasitology
  • Antimicrobial residue testing
  • BioPRYN® pregnancy diagnosis – Learn More
  • Milk quality assessment and culture
  • Certified Trichomoniasis testing

Lander Veterinary Clinic’s Dairy Diagnostics division is one of the largest milk quality laboratories in California. The lab uses the latest technology, equipment and test methods to make sure that your milk production meets or exceeds the highest standards for quality and safety before it leaves the farm.

Our laboratory subscribes to Cornell University’s Quality Milk Production Service (QMPS) quality control program and our staff is trained in its programs in accordance with National Mastitis Council (NMC) protocols, guidelines and procedures. We work closely with the California Animal Health & Food Safety lab system and other accredited laboratories in the U.S. on a variety of dairy and beef herd health issues.

Through on-farm consultation with our Central Valley dairymen, our team can assist you in identifying areas of concern and find effective options for improving milk quality and gains in production. We welcome requests from dairy farms and producers across the United States to use our lab services for testing, culture analysis and general lab-related questions.

Milk Quality

  • Herd health management
  • Quality assurance
  • Testing & cultures
  • On-farm training

A primary goal of Dairy Diagnostics services is to encourage optimal farming practices in the production of safe, quality milk from healthy herds. We do this by helping establish management reviews and suggesting both corrective and preventive actions that will drive continual improvement.

Dairy Diagnostics milk quality services include: aerobic cultures, bacteria qualifications, mycoplasma culture, somatic cell count, standard plate counts, bulk tank monitoring, antibiotic residue testing, whole herd cultures, and parlor evaluations. Dairy Diagnostics also offers courier services to our clients allowing for faster result turn-around times providing for culture-based treatment decisions to be made by farm and herd veterinarian.

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